Sharks of the World
Author: L.B. Holthuis
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genus Eunephrops

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subfamily Nephropinae - subfamily Nephropinae
genus Homarus - genus Homarus

S.I. Smith, 1885

Left and right chelipeds of the first pair similar in size and shape. Palm of first chela distinctly longer than wide. Antennal spine followed by a strong carina. Supraorbital spine followed by a single post-orbital spine, no supraorbital carina is present. The posterior part of the carapace is evenly granulate, without longitudinal carinae. Abdomen with a blunt median carina. A distinct carina separates theabdominal tergites from the pleura. First abdominal sternite of the male with a median spine.

Type Species: by monotypy: Eunephrops bairdii S.I. Smith, 1885.

The genus is restricted to the Western Atlantic and has three known species, all of which inhabit the deep sea. They are of potential interest for fishery.

genus Eunephrops
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