Sharks of the World
Author: L.B. Holthuis
Scientific name:

Thymopsis nilenta

Vernacular name:

Nilenta lobsterette

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Nephropsis sulcata - Grooved lobsterette
Thaumastocheles japonicus - Pacific pincer lobster

Holthuis, 1974

Second and third maxillipeds without exopods. Pleura of second abdominal somite wide and overlapping both the pleura of the first and third somites. Lower margin of rostrum with teeth.

Type locality: "Eltanin" 22 Station 1555, " S. of South Georgia 60°04'5-60°08'S, 35°59'W-36°04'W, 1976-2068 m". Holotype female in USNM, no. 141257; paratypes in USNM, RMNH.

Geographical Distribution:
Southern Atlantic. So far only known from two localities: southeastof the Falkland/Malvinas Islands (55°01 '-55°10'S 39°55' - 39°46'W) and south of South Georgia (60°04' - 60°08'S 35°59' - 36°04'W).

Habitat and Biology:
Deep sea between (1976-) 2068 and 2886 (-3040) m.

Total body length about 15 cm, carapace length (without rostrum) 5 to 6 cm.

Interest to Fisheries:
None so far. Until now only 4 specimens have been collected of this species. Its scarcity and the very great depths at which it is found, make it an unlikely candidate for a fishery, notwithstanding its relatively good size.

Thymopsis nilenta
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Nilenta lobsterette
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