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Welcome to a new and completely revised World Biodiversity Database (WBD). The WBD currently consists of 21 separate projects, each with its own interface and feature set. These projects cover a total of 25493 unique taxa, plus an additional 4149 synonyms. Use the search box below to search all projects for a scientific and/or common name.

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The latest additions or updated projects are (see projects for a complete list):

  • Lasiocnemus
    Author: T. Dikow (Cornell University and American Museum of Natural History, New York)
    Created: 28 May 2008, containing 8 unique taxa
  • Catalogue of Craneflies of the World
    Author: P. Oosterbroek (Zoological Museum, University of Amsterdam)
    Created: 15 Mar 2008, containing 17522 unique taxa
  • Marine Mammals of the World
    Author: T.A. Jefferson, S. Leatherwood and M.A. Webber
    Created: 26 Jun 2006, containing 152 unique taxa