Authors: C. Stace, R. van der Meijden (ed.) & I. de Kort (ed.)
Scientific name:

Dactylis glomerata

Vernacular name:


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Poa flabellata - Tussac-grass
Dactylis polygama - Cock's-foot, Slender


Scientific name: Dactylis glomerata L.

Diagnostic features
Culms densely tufted, to 1.4m.
Leaves and sheaths very rough, ± glaucous.
Lemmas with hairs or prickles on keel, with awn 1.5-2mm.

Chromosome number: 2n=28.

Native; grassland, open woodland and rough, waste and cultivated ground.

Very common throughout British Isles.

This species is keyed out on Page 606: Dactylis in the Text Key.

Formerly much grown for hay and pasture; the more robust plants of artifical habitats are probably of introduced stock.

Dactylis glomerata (Cock's-foot)
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