Authors: C. Stace, R. van der Meijden (ed.) & I. de Kort (ed.)
Scientific name:

Trifolium hybridum

Vernacular name:

Clover, Alsike

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Trifolium occidentale - Clover, Western
Trifolium cernuum - Clover, Nodding

Alsike Clover

Scientific name: Trifolium hybridum L.

Diagnostic features
Erect to decumbent subglabrous perennial to 40(70)cm.
Racemes ± globose, mostly axillary, stalked.
Flowers 7-10mm, usually white and pink, sometimes either one.
Fruits slightly exserted, 2-4-seeded.

Chromosome number: (2n=16).

Introduced-naturalized; commonly naturalized in grassy and rough ground.

Throughout most of British Isles; Europe.

This species is keyed out on Page 3030 in the Text Key.

Trifolium hybridum subsp. hybridum is the cultivated plant.
Trifolium hybridum subsp. elegans (Savi) Asch. & Graebn., with solid (not hollow), less erect stems and smaller racemes (less than 2cm across) is probably the wild progenitor, but doubtfully a subspecies.

Trifolium hybridum (Clover, Alsike)
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Clover, Alsike
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