Authors: C. Stace, R. van der Meijden (ed.) & I. de Kort (ed.)
Scientific name:

Aristolochia rotunda

Vernacular name:


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Aristolochia clematitis - Birthwort
Aristolochia hirta - Birthwort, Breckland


Scientific name: Aristolochia rotunda L.

Diagnostic features
With an underground tuber.
Stems to 60cm; petioles absent or very short, much shorter than pedicel.
Flowers 2.5-5cm, with perianth-tube less than 5mm wide at base, with dark brown lobe, 1 in each leaf-axil.

Chromosome number: 2n=14.

Introduced-naturalized; on chalky slopes.

This species is keyed out on Page 667 of the Text Key.

Surrey since at least 1918 (and formerly Kent); South Europe.

Aristolochia rotunda (Smearwort)
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