Authors: M.J. de Kluijver & S.S. Ingalsuo
Scientific name:

Cancer bellianus

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Thia scutellata
Cancer pagurus

Johnson, 1861

Carapace broadly oval, much broader than long, dorsal surface with small but prominent tubercles, median and sub-median lobes developed and arched, often acute. Antero-lateral margins of carapace with seven broad, distally serrate lobes, first often bifid, postero-lateral margin with two anteriorly placed lobes. Chelipeds equal in size and tuberculate; second to fifth pereiopods stout and setose, dorsal margin of merus with spinules, propodus and carpus with longitudinal rows of short setae, dactylus styliform.

Carapace length up to 130 mm.

Depth range from 50 to beyond 180 metres.

Carapace pale brown, suffused and spotted with red (Johnson, 1861).

Shetland, Viking.

Cancer bellianus
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Cancer bellianus
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